Ravensbourne Graphic Design Show 2019

RV_GRA is a reworked edition of Ravensbourne Sans, exclusively designed to represent Ravensbourne University Class of 2019 Graphic Designers' for their internal and external shows. Inspired by diacritics, the brief was to create an aesthetic response to the diverse and playful nature of the class.


The symbols in their varied outfits were utilised over digital platforms, show catalogues, individual business cards, as

well as the exhibition space. The catalogue can be navigated into the page of any graduate using their  business card, which could be picked up in the exhibition space by their work.


This project was created and directed as a group with Ella Lehto and Joe Oastler, and produced at Ravensbourne University and Aspect Press with the help of tutors Maaike Van Neck and Francesco Tacchini.

Photographs by Amandine Alessandra.