BA (Hons) Final Major Project: Crisisis is a visual response to an idea of our generation finding themselves in continuous crises.


A play on words; the crisis of multiple crises, Crisisis is an online archive that lives as an exhibition piece, where visitors can interact with the information and feed in their own input. The project takes on a research-based approach with a possibility of spontaneous human interaction. Whilst portraying these complex issues of various levels of depth, the site becomes almost a crisis in itself as information becomes difficult to read and to

understand, much like these ideas of the future of humanity are for most. Crisisis serves not only to evoke any personal feelings of demise, but also to offer understanding and respect of the viewpoints of our contemporaries in a time, where the end of the world does not seem so far away for most.


Crisisis has been exhibited at The Ravensbourne Degree Show at the university in London, in June 2019 and at the Ravensbourne Graphic Design Show at The Box in London, June 2019.